Google groups are an easy way for us to communicate with each other about Sensitive One meetups, as well as through itself. Now that you have been added as a co-organizer, you have also been added to a google group for emailing each other easily and given special permissions on for your Sensitive One Meetup. 

If you have a personal question for Ane, feel free to email her personally:

But if it is a more general question and possibly relevant to all meetups, then feel free to send it to our google group email list:

Make sure to add that email to your safe list so emails to you don't go to junk. Ane will use the google group email to send information that needs to go out to all co-organizers. Also, make sure that you're getting email messages from so that you can get notifications from Ane and members of your meetup, as well as notifications of new members. 

Here is Ane's cell in case you need to text her about something last minute or get ahold of her quickly: 385-288-9399 

Please take a moment to enter it into your phone contacts now and send a text message to Ane with your full name so she has your number too.

Because Ane is in sessions and meetings, text messaging is the best way to let Ane know about last minute or emergent issues. Email is great for general questions. And calling is best when it is scheduled. You can still leave a voicemail if you would like but Ane will respond to a text faster. If you want to set up a call with Ane, just text or email to let her know. Sometimes it is easier to just talk about something than text. You also have the ability to email all the members of your meetup through meetup as needed.



Ane has available "Office Hours" each week in which you can ask a quick question as needed. If your question will take 15 minutes or less to address then this is a good place to do that, if your question is of a more personal nature or may take longer to handle then set up a separate time to talk with Ane.

You can set up an Office Hours call here ::



Please listen to the recording below that shares the basics of the monthly meetup and what else is possible:

Here are bullet points from the recording:

>>> get familiar with the backend of and setting up meetups, this is all you will need to do there

>>> you can approve new members and so can Ane, you will get email notifications about this

>>> find a free location to have the monthly meetup, and switch up locations as needed

>>> basic format of monthly discussion meetups is :: opening with names and where everyone is coming from, split into groups of three and number off, 1s start with answering questions while 2s ask questions and 3s just listen, at the end of all questions for 1s then 3s give their impressions, roles rotate and then 2s answer questions while 3s ask and 1s listen, rotate that way again after so that 3s answer questions while 1s ask and 2s listen, once all have done this regroup together as a whole group and allow each person to share their impressions of the others in their small group, then close the group with everyone going around the circle and sharing their name again as well as what they are leaving with and any offerings, needs, requests

>>> the maximum length of a meetup should be no longer than 2 hours, unless it is a specially scheduled event or workshop

>>> notice interests, needs, and skills of members to add additional meetups per month that may be relevant, invite guest speakers, or have Ane present information as needed

>>> the monthly meetup discussion group is the minimum, if you are unable to do this during the month then please ask someone to sub for you that month so that a minimum of one meetup a month is happening

>>> if you want to share co-organizer duties with another member or transfer co-organizer duties to someone else at any point, please seek out potential members who would be interested in that and then email Ane to set that up

>>> you are responsible to put all meetups into the calendar, whether you are hosting or someone else is, and will automatically send an email invitation to all members that they can then RSVP to

>>> this is NOT a therapy group or a place to give advice or have all the answers, it is open and accountable discussion to encourage presence and connection with what is which can be therapeutic and may allow members to work things out on their own as people share and own what has worked or may work for them as well as what hasn't or doesn't work 

>>> if there is a particular topic or area where discussion just isn't cutting it and more guidance or coaching may be useful, contact Ane to set up a virtual or in person workshop or talk that can have more of a structure of processing and working through something rather than a focus of open discussion

>>> what is welcome: resources, ownership, respect, space, honesty, focused and relevant topics, useful and specific questions (people are welcome to share what has worked for them and in so doing share resources or tips that other members may want to use, but that can still come from personal ownership of "this worked for me in that situation, you may be interested" versus "you should do this" or "this is the answer")

>>> what is not welcome: shoulding, advice giving, fixing, therapy or coaching, shutting people down, judgement (people may be tempted when they are in the position of listening and then sharing their impressions to give advice to the person who was talking, so listen for this and encourage them to simply reflect back what impressed upon them instead "what impressed me about what you said was ___" vs. "you should do ___ about that")

>>> if there is any situation in which someone is presenting something that feels like it is not something the group space can handle (asking for or needing advice, therapy, coaching, or shows that they are really struggling with owning where they are), PLEASE take a moment to have a direct, kind, and possibly private (if that seems best) conversation with that person about how the group doesn't have the resources to support in this area but that Ane would be a great person to talk to about finding resources and send an email to that individual with Ane's contact info or send an email including that person and Ane (with their permission) explaining the situation and Ane will follow up (you can include any local professionals that you know of whom you think could be useful for this individual to work with or be supported by as well)

>>> when in doubt, ask Ane: you do not have to have all the answers or handle everything on your own so if there is something you're unsure about or uncomfortable with PLEASE reach out, you're not expected to be anything other than who and what you are and that is enough (you don't need to be a therapist, more outgoing, a coach, or any kind of anything stereotypical to bring this group together honestly and authentically)

: : :

Thanks for being here and helping bring Sensitive Ones together where you are! 

If there is ever anything that you think could be better or any ideas you have about what works, please reach out. We are all in this together.