Click >>> here <<< to get a PDF of the worksheet for this workshop. Print it out or just refer to it as you take notes and complete each step of the workshop. Actually doing each step is what makes the difference, even if it seems too simple or too challenging. Just do your best, first, most direct, obvious response to each step and please ask any questions you have during the live workshop or if you are following along with the recording then tune for the next live Self-Directed workshop. Workshop dates are announced to those on the Sensitive Leadership mailing list, which you can get on >>> here <<< or you can "follow" the Sensitive Leadership Livestream account >>> here <<< to also find out about announcements for live shows and workshops.

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Here are some suggestions below that were actually workshopped together in person using this worksheet with some Sensitive Leaders ::

:: More and more now I feel engaged with what is here as I slow down and allow myself to be with the unknown.

:: As my feelings and emotions arise through the day now I see them and allow them to pass as they do and continue on with what I am doing.

:: Upon arising in the morning, I pause to stretch and meditate each day to start the day centered in my self, feeling proud and accomplished for showing up.

:: Because I am a real person, and my thoughts and feelings are valid, I share what I am thinking and feeling once a week with someone who matters to me and who listens kindly while allowing me to be heard.

:: Because I deserve to enjoy loving relationships, and I always deserve kindness, I now listen to fear of pain and respond by reaching out for support with love.

:: Because I trust that I am enough and the information my body tells me is accurate, I allow myself to slow down and digest at my own pace to absorb all the nourishment I need.

:: Because I am already wanted as I am, each week I share a mess with a friend and ask for support.

:: I let go and, as I relax, I hear my own voice and use it now to express at least one thing each day that I accomplished to myself and in an electronic message to supportive friends.

:: Because my emotions and feelings are important, I remind myself that its ok to feel them and slow down to listen to what they tell me now.


Please use and adapt these suggestions as they may resonate with you, and also as a guide and motivation to create your own custom suggestion that is perfectly designed by you to support you exactly where you are. Words are literally powerful. They have shaped where you are now and can be used to reshape where you can be. Use your words wisely, as wisely as possible. Start now in this free workshop. You are the best one to direct it and there is no reason to wait to direct your life. As a companion to this workshop, either before or in preparation to do this workshop, you may want to check out the ane::time workshop >>> here <<< as a way to get a better sense of putting your self at the center of your life time.