God + Goddess are the current of energy or electricity that connects everything. They can be seen as the order to the universe, what is. When Count + Countess are not empowered to do their job because Goddess is not acknowledged and used to ground, then God + Goddess may become ominous and scary. But, when you meet Count + Countess (next) it can make it easier to be with all that is, knowing that you can make decisions about it because you count, you have a part of you that does the counting and you can use that part alongside God + Goddess. This current is about seeing all that's here to use it all. It is only scary if Goddess and the other committee members are not participating too. So, let's bring them in. God is what is above and Goddess is what is below, they are poles. And they necessarily create a dividing line into right and left. They also only exist one with the other. Once that connection is made, a line is drawn. This is the current. Therefore, what's right and what's left of this current are the next committee member.

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Count + Countess are the ones that count, they make decisions. They are the authority. They are sensations embodied in physical form. They work best together, like left and right brain. The left brain makes specific decisions and the whole brain makes whole decisions. Both kinds of decision making are important. Just like it's important to step with your left foot and then your right foot to walk, it's important to go back and forth between both thinking and feeling. Rather than right or wrong and good or bad, these counters can come to a middle decision that serves you and the whole committee. You can see them practically as what is right and what is left, utilizing those terms literally. As masculine and feminine, they are simply different and can work together. They have God + Goddess running through them as a connector and a divide. Getting to "this works for me" or "this doesn't work for me" is a more useful strategy than "this is the right thing to do" or "this is the wrong thing to do." This leads us into what these two birth, the next committee member. Challenge with these first two committee members is that we have generally separated them or prioritized one over the other rather than seeing them together as Count + Countess (one) and God + Goddess (one). Many cultural references only honor God and Count as authority and valid, this leaves us with lopsidedness and ungroundedness. It also hinders how we parent our inner child. Owning these whole committee members is important in order to parent the next committee member in a strong, resilient way.

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The inner child may be representative of yourself from childhood, and it is also a current part of you. It is the part of you that wants to play and be creative in response to what is and the decisions that are made. It is the offspring of the Count + Countess and brings the masculine and feminine together into one singular vision of beauty in response to what it sees in the world that is. Depending on how other needs are being met, the inner child may feel very disempowered or patronized. It may not have much of a voice. Your vision and perspective in the world that comes from all that you sense and embodying that is your desire in response, it is your aliveness and your energy. It is important to listen to and work with in as valid a way as any other need and any other committee member.

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