Would you like holistic support to go where you are called that includes acknowledgement of your physical, emotional, relational, vocational, spiritual needs and challenges as a highly sensitive person?

You do not have to overcome who you are or wait to take the next step to being you, you can go into the areas that you feel trapped in to create freedom to be you, all of you.

Your sensitivity does not have to limit your freedom. But, it will feel as if it does if you are trying to fix it before you start living your life.

You can lead your life with sensitivity, and it is through connection.


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Check out The Elements of Sensitivity to see the practices + processes all together.


Free Bird Apprenticeship :: $175 :: 5 weeks

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>> Life-time membership in a private Sensitive Free leadership community to share ideas, offerings, requests, and make connections 24/7

>>> Weekly personalized content and application for Sensitive Beast, Free Bird, Orchid Architecture, Aware Artist, and Play Mate practices

>>>> 1-1 sessions and other support as needed is also available as an add-on


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What others who have worked with me to go where they are called said about this work ::

I get to facilitate greater ease, self-awareness, relaxation, and vitality through therapeutic touch (massage and bodywork) and movement education. I’m particularly gifted at doing this in a gentle manner, focusing more on listening and encouraging subtle shifts than on forcing or fixing. I’m so happy I get to add more compassionate touch in the world and to help people, especially other HSPs, feel more at home and connected with their bodies.
— Helena Teply-Figman, CMP :: Gentle Massage & Bodywork :: www.HummingbirdBodyworks.com

"One thing I've struggled with is putting myself out there as a bodyworker who focuses on gentler work.  More people than not have heard of Deep Tissue and other more invasive modalities for treating pain and physical discomfort.  I felt anxious that no one would connect with my gentler approach and I'd be either forced to adapt to doing deeper work that hurt my body, or have to move on to a different career all together.  Becoming more aware of myself as an HSP went (and still goes) hand-in-hand with discovering my strengths as a bodyworker and feeling more grounded and proud of this gift and able to let it shine in the world.  There are no words for how Ane's work has helped me become more at ease with these aspects of myself.

"Ane helped me understand more of what it means to be an HSP.  Her words gave a voice to things I'd felt for so long but didn't really understand or know how to handle or even articulate to myself.  She helped me feel not so alone or weird and gave me hope that I could, indeed, be thriving as I lead my life with sensitivity.  I learned about ways to take better care of myself physically, through some dietary suggestions and daily routine suggestions (especially regarding sleep; her hypnosis recordings are a huge gift).  As I became stronger, it became easier for me to lead with my sensitivity in my work, and the rest of my life, and this has become a source of power and inspiration that feels delicious.

"I'm shining my HSP light more and more and it's amazing. There's really no aspect of my life that hasn't improved or been affected.  I feel comfortable in my own skin in a way I never had, and this has allowed me to have experiences and shape my life in ways that better suit me and help me feel happier and healthier.  I value myself more and treat myself more kindly.  My relationships have improved and the new ones I create are a better fit.  And perhaps one of the most rewarding bits: I get to help other HSPs in my work in ways that feel good to me.

"The world desperately needs to hear the voices of HSPs! And other HSPs probably need what you have to offer. The more I lead with my sensitivity, the more I attract clients who've been searching for a gentler approach to their body, or aching for a chance to feel safe being in and using their body, feeling what it can mean to deeply relax. Thank you, Ane, for shining your light and helping me shine mine."

I’m like a dryer sheet for sensitives who need support softening into their human-ness. Inhabiting this Earthly dimension sans addiction requires that we strengthen our subtleties, navigate our needs and enhance our embodiment - a process I have unintentionally spent 30 years mastering.
I take surrendering seriously because peace is the whole point. A peaceful sensitive is medicine to this world.
— Kate Read :: Surrender Coach for Sensitives :: www.kate-read.com

"There were and continue to be so many triggers that my psychology paralyzes me with.  The biggest one was the way in which I showed up in the 'online business game'.  I found myself pushing and with wicked haste.  But flashy marketing pages and loud expression just felt wrong.  You gave me permission to go my own pace and show up in whatever way felt right.  That was huge.  I remember you dropping words like "organic growth" and "quiet noise" that were like a warm blanket to my soul.  

"It prompted me to close my personal FB account and dive deeper into me.  Permission to focus in, in an outwardly focused world was and continues to be a Godsend.  You helped me see that our reality is the only one that matters. And you know the more I'm thinking about this...in hindsight, it was your vibration that was my catalyst to stay in me.  You were so IN you.  You spoke slow.  You were so unbelievably present.  That was everything. 

"Your contagious vibration of presence has eked into every facet of my life.  I can SHOW up no holds barred.  I can be spontaneous.  I don't have to edit my life to a pulp.  I'm freer.  I don't analyze.  I can let things go.  I can create, I mean truly create now.  It's a whole different body of work that's coming out of me.  Maybe its art?  That's the goal. 

"I love you Ane Axford.  Your constant recreation of YOU is inspiring.  I have watched you go through elations, breakdowns, divorces, new loves, ego melts, disappearing acts and epic reappearances.  I have watched you move through it all.  You have taught me that's what it's about - movement.  So I continue MOVING that breath, even when....."

I guide people in rediscovering themselves — their most authentic selves. As a clairvoyant medium, I close my eyes and watch cool images and then reflect them back to my clients. It’s often surprising, insightful, and fun for both of us! I’m lucky because I get to both facilitate healing and be witness to it! Your spiritual evolution process is my greatest thrill!
— Deganit Nuur, L.Ac. :: Clairvoyant, Acupuncturist, Herbalist :: www.nuurvana.com

"I'm happy to say that thanks to your guiding light, I now feel like a strong leader!  I am able to delegate and leverage with ease and grace!  

"I love the hypnosis and the imagery that unveils in our sessions.  It helped me drop the charge, the self-judgement and the self-defeating thoughts and behavior patterns.  An especially memorable session was when I was having a super frustrating week and felt like I had to be angry to be heard.  During our session a volcano came up - it was me.  A force of nature!  Not an "angry" or "bitchy" force of nature.  Just nature.  Just a volcano doing what volcanos do best.   That was months ago and my workload has only increased since (yay, success!) and I have yet to feel that sort of rage boiling through me again!  All I feel is POWERFUL and calm, trusting and happy!  I'm a volcano and it's benefiting me, my clients and my team.

"I think it's funny that I initially wanted to work on body image stuff and eating patterns with you and what kept coming through our sessions pretty much had nothing to do with my expectations. Our sessions are so much bigger than anything I had ever imagined!  Of course all the body/food stuff is healing itself but it's cool to know that was never my imbalance at all- just a manifestation of me playing small on the deepest level.  The subconscious mind is so fascinating!  And so powerful! Thank you for helping me play more my size.  This lifestyle is a way better fit!" 

I have a unique ability to see beautiful potential in common, discarded materials. I love finding these materials and combining them in a thoughtful artistic way that results in a functioning work of art. Watching or listening to people react to the instruments I’ve made is very rewarding. I like to work with people to determine what is the instrument that they would like to imagine, and then making that idea a reality. Getting money for playing with music and raw materials is great fun.
— Bret Hanson :: creator of Hanson Music Works & Goods :: www.HansonMusicWorks.com

"It is scary to pursue a dream when you have others that are reliant on your financial income. When I take a risk on my dream, they do too, even though they don't get a say in the matter. The pressure to succeed quickly has been a major barrier to me in really getting started. It took many parts of my life falling apart, and meeting someone that I respect and trust, to get me to let go of my fears of failure.

"You showed me that the hardest thing to do is let go of the belief that I can't have everything I always wanted. I learned from talking with you that it is possible to make money by doing exactly what I want to do and in the way that I want to do it. You helped me to determine what my brand is, what aspects of my work I really enjoy doing, and what things I didn't (and didn't need to keep doing). You helped me know what steps were the most important to do RIGHT THEN, and then do them. I was trying to see too far into the future and all possible scenarios, and you showed me that I didn't need to know EVERYTHING right now. It is OK to change something down the line. You also gave me a lot of motivation simply by believing in me and in my business.

"I am paying more attention to how I feel and practicing listening to what I want from my life, and how to plan it and make it happen. I have an amazing website, I am collaborating with interesting artists and business people. I feel like the passion for my art that I've held inside for my whole life is finally beginning to be realized in a tangible way. It's like now a very powerful ball just started slowly rolling and I can keep nudging and pushing it as it speeds up and gets bigger.

"It is so easy to let doubts and fears (whether they are yours or another's) stand in your way or discourage you. But it feels much better to be DOING something that's getting you further in your "true" direction in life, than just staying in "your lane" and circling a mindless track. It's OK to be scared. It's OK to fail. Those things don't last, but regret might."

I help people exercise in ways that feel good! I especially love helping beginners, those recently recovered from injury and those with chronic conditions work with their body to find exercise they enjoy and help them function better at a pace that’s good for them.
— Gillian Byers :: Mindfully Active Online Personal Training :: www.mindfullyactive.com

"Being an entrepreneur, I am the core of my business, and not knowing how to take care of me made moving forward in business almost impossible. Gaining these basics has enabled me to care for myself and build a strong base so I can keep moving forward with my business in an authentic way that nourishes me and is sustainable.

"Working with you and learning about my sensitivity has changed so much about the way I relate to myself and the world! When I first read Elaine Aron's book I felt like the car I was driving did a refreshing 160 degree turn, after working with you I felt like I was rebuilding the whole car!! Hard work, but oh do I love the car I'm building!! :)

"It's so important to surround yourself with reminders of how you want to be in this world. It's an ongoing practice, and being sensitive makes it easy to get pulled back into other's "shoulds". Create nourishing boundaries. My experience is that taking care me, MY way, is truly the best way for me to thrive and be able to give to the world."


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I would love to support you in shining your light into the world to be seen by those who need it and want it already. All they need is to see your light to know they want it.